Reading/Demo Groups

Kari Reynolds will give a teaching demonstration-demonstration on Saturday May 7th.  Here is her PowerPoint:  Writing in Social Studies with Metacommentary

There will be six groups in which fellows will discuss readings and prepare a collaborative teaching demonstration.  Here are the themes for the teaching demonstrations:

Combining Visual and Written Texts (Thursday, June 30)

  • Meggin Verduzco
  • Taryn Eva
  • Dustin Morley
  • Kathryn Dilley
  • Kari Reynolds

Teaching Narrative (Tuesday, July 5)

  • Lisa Dolinski
  • Laura Zamiski
  • Stacey Danevicz
  • Susan Mowers

Writing in the Content Areas (Wednesday, July 6)

  • Nicole Ovlasuk
  • Keith Piccard
  • Laura Fair
  • Kari Reynolds

Giving Feedback (Thursday, July 7)

  • Tami Albert
  • Aelise Goller
  • Jill Conrad
  • Susan Mowers

Teaching Poetry (Friday, July 8)

  • Rebecca English
  • Melissa Damico
  • Katie Kotowski
  • Lindsay Ellis

Teaching Argumentation (Monday, July 11)

  • Jennifer Furner
  • Katie Lorey
  • Sarah Slachter
  • Lindsay Ellis

Teaching Grammar (Tuesday, July 12)

  • 2015 LMWP Fellows
  • Lindsay Ellis



The National Writing Project has a wealth of resources on multiple topics related to teaching writing and being a writer.

Teaching Writing

Being a Writer